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With over 25 year of experience. We are always working on improving our services, and therefore providing the best channels with the best quality straight to your home.

TV & Internet

All prices include IVA


TV FullPack & Internet
TV & 6Mbit
... 49.99€/month

TV & 15Mbit ... 59.99€/month

TV & 30Mbit ... 69.99€/month

From 49.99€

TV & Internet

All prices include IVA


TV SpanPack & Internet
TV & 6Mbit
... 29.99€/month

TV & 15Mbit ... 39.99€/month

TV & 30Mbit ... 49.99€/month

From 29.99€

Why you should come to Eurocable?

◊ We do not oblige you to stay for a period, you can hire our services for one or two months only, if you want.

◊ You don´t need an Internet connection to watch TV.


◊ You can watch different programmes in different rooms at the same time without extra equipment, and for the same price every month.

◊ You dont need a phone line to enjoy our Internet connection.

◊ We work fast so that you can enjoy our services in just a few days.

◊ We will attend your call or visit in Spanish and English. Our Installers also speak English!

Call us NOW to check the coverage for your area!!

Cable TV

All prices include VAT


FullPack ... 34€/month

SpanPack ... 10€/month

Call out fee ... 24€/hr

TV connection ... 49€/hr

TV reconnection ... 35€/hr

From 10€


All prices include VAT


6Mbit ... 24.99€/month

15Mbit ... 34.99€/month

30Mbit ... 44.99€/month

Standby fee Internet ... 5€/month

Call out fee ... 24€/hr

From 24.99€